Welcome to the NAPXP!

The National Association of Portable X-ray Providers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, furthering the goals of and acting as an advocate to promote the portable x-ray industry. The mission of the NAPXP is to further the goals of the portable X-ray industry in providing high quality, and cost effective services to the most fragile members of our society.




We will be recognized by our clients, patients and staff as the industry model–one that is continually striving to be the standard for excellence.


We are dedicated to educating the public to the value of mobile Radiology services to our clients.


We are dedicated to investing our resources in innovative solutions so that our customized healthcare and support services remain accessible, compassionate, cost-effective, and of high quality.


We strive to provide our staff with a nurturing environment to empower them to achieve their highest potential. We approach all aspects of our business with a high level of integrity and responsiveness.